Supportive Tenancy Service

The Supportive Tenancy Service (STS) works with people whose tenancy is at risk, and provides advice to people who do not have a tenancy but are looking to establish one. STS covers any type of tenancy, including public housing, private rental or mortgages. There are three components of the service - STS Gateway, Tenancy Options and Tenancy Support.

STS Gateway

The workers on the STS Gateway talk to people about their tenancy issues, provide brief information about services and options, and connect people to STS Tenancy Support, STS Tenancy Options or other services as needed.

Tenants can contact the STS Gateway directly or agencies and organisations can contact STS on behalf of a tenant with their consent.

Contact the STS Gateway on (02) 6207 2427 or email

Agencies please note that an enquiry form is available for you to use - see downloads below.

Tenancy Options

Tenancy Options can assist people to explore their options for tenancies, including public housing, community housing and private rental. They can provide advice on how to secure different types of tenancies, and can look at how to overcome barriers that people may encounter when applying for private rental properties.

STS Tenancy Options is for people who:

  • are open at looking at other options than public housing
  • have access to income adequate to sustain community or private rental.

Tenancy Support

Tenancy Support Workers talk with tenants about their issues and goals, and work with them to develop a plan to address these. The nature of support is very flexible and will depend on each tenant's situation. The types of difficulties that may result in people's housing being at risk include disruptive behaviour, unemployment, poverty, neighbourhood conflict, family or domestic violence, relationship breakdown, mental health issues, addiction, eviction notices, property condition, rental arrears and other forms of debt.

Below is a guide to the common types of support that the Tenancy Support Workers provide:

  • Providing information, including talking about options
  • Making referrals and connections to other services (including specialised legal and financial advice)
  • Accompanying tenants to hearings at ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (not legal representation)
  • Negotiating with landlords and lenders, and
  • Advocating for tenants with other parties.

Who is Eligible:

Tenancy Options is for people looking for a tenancy in the ACT other than public housing. Tenancy Support is available to people living in the ACT in any type of tenancy, including public and private rental, or with a mortgage.


Contact the Supportive Tenancy Service Gateway, Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm on (02) 6207 2427 or

If you are homeless and seeking emergency accommodation, please call First Point on 1800 176 468.


Supportive Tenancy Service Brochure - July 2015 Supportive Tenancy Service Brochure - July 2015 (138 KB)

Supportive Tenancy Service - Enquiry form Supportive Tenancy Service - Enquiry form (74 KB)

For a list of useful contacts for tenancy support click here.

For medium to long term accommodation options click here.

The Supportive Tenancy Service is a partnership between Woden Community Service, Belconnen Community Service and YWCA Canberra.

The Supportive Tenancy Service receives funding under the National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA), and the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness, which are jointly funded by the ACT and Australian Governments.