Children's Services Policies

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy

Administration of First Aid Policy and Procedure

Administration of Medication Policy

Animal Policy

Arrival and Departure of Children Policy

Behaviour Guidance Procedure

Child Protection Policy (Children's Services)

Child Protection and Risk Management (WCS)

Cleaning Policy

Clothing Policy

Complaints Procedure (OSHC)

Dangerous Products, Plants, Vermin and Objects Policy

Dealing with Complaints (Families) Policy

Dealing with Infectious Diseases Policy

Death of a Child Policy

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Educational Programming Policy

Emergency and Evacuation Policy

Enrolment and Orientation Policy

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Excursion Policy

Fee Policy

Food Preparation, Storage and Handling Policy

Governance and Communication Overview

Handwashing Policy

Incident, Injury, Trauma, Near Miss and Illness Policy

Interactions with Children Policy

Medical Conditions Policy

Nappy Change Policy

Nutrition Policy

Nutrition (parent provided) Policy

Privacy and confidentiality

Reportable Conduct and Risk Management Policy

Responding to COVID-19 Policy

Responsible Person Policy

Safe Play Spaces Policy

Sleep and Rest Policy

Staffing Policy

Students, Volunteers and Visitors Policy

Sun Protection Policy

Supervision Policy

Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Transport Policy

Use of Electronic Devices Policy

Water Safety Policy

WCS Governance Policy