About Direct Service

WCS offers dedicated support workers who will assist you to work towards your goals through regular emotional, social, and practical support.

Core and Capacity Building supports are NDIS-funded supports designed to support participants with:

  • Assistance with daily life and everyday needs
  • Assistance with social and community participation
  • Assistance with individual skill development and capacity building


Our Approach

At WCS, our approach to direct service is to co-design recovery-orientated and capacity-building activities to assist you to achieve your NDIS goals. We use a strengths-based approach and work collaboratively with you and your significant others to identify strategies and activities that draw on your strengths and assets. This enables you to be a co-producers of supports, giving you choice and control over your NDIS plan.

Over the course of your plan, your support workers will assist you to:

  • co-design and plan activities that add to your quality of life
  • identify and practice strategies that assist you to progress toward your goals
  • access the community and increase your social connections
  • maintain a routine and complete everyday tasks
  • learn new skills including cooking, budgeting, and other household tasks
  • engage with other NDIS, community, and mainstream services


Afterhours Phone Service

We are introducing an afterhours phone/online service for participants with an NDIS plan starting from March 2023. This service is designed to work with you to build independence and confidence, aligning with your NDIS goals.

You might engage in afterhours phone support to help with:

  • breaking social isolation
  • exploring other areas of your life not directly impacted by your disability/mental health condition
  • establish and support medication regimes
  • practice with social skills and connection/communication with others
  • support with direction and goal setting
  • building a “community of life”
  • building confidence in sharing with others
  • connecting as a daily/weekly/fortnightly habit
  • looking at other services to manage future needs
  • practice skills to assist you in finding and keeping a job, assisting you to be job ready.
  • practicing social conversation with a range of different people to build communication skills.

The team will initially run this service from 4:30pm – 7:30pm, Monday to Friday and as the service requests increase, the service times will increase to 9:00pm, Monday to Sunday. This service will be predominantly appointment based, with participants booking specific slots for their phone call.

This service will be available as a call-in service for one hour per night, which will be charged to your NDIS plan.

Service Eligibility:

  • Participants must have either CORE or Increased Social and Community Participation funding in their NDIS plan.
  • Participants must have a service agreement with WCS to engage in this service.
  • Participants must be booked in for a time slot or have previously agreed to accessing the ‘call-in’ service.
  • All NDIS rules, price guide costs and regulations apply to this service offering, which will be updated in line with the current NDIS price guide.
  • Must be able to be contacted by phone or computer (online)


Our Team

The WCS NDIS Direct Service team consists of support workers, service delivery engagement officers (SDEOs), rostering, and service delivery and outreach team leaders. Our team brings a variety of expertise and qualifications to their roles and is dedicated to providing you with quality outreach services.


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