Become a Big Issue vendor

Become A Big Issue VendorThe Big Issue magazine is sold by homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged vendors on streets around the country.

There are 580 active vendors, with a wide range of experiences leading them to The Big Issue. This includes homelessness, long-term unemployment, intellectual and physical disability, mental illness, drug and alcohol dependency and family breakdown. Every vendor has a different story, but all are looking to improve their lives.

By selling The Big Issue, vendors have the opportunity to earn an immediate income and engage meaningfully with the community. Vendors buy each magazine for $3.50 and sell it for $7, keeping the difference. They are not asking for a handout or charity, but are selling a genuine product – which is why we encourage people to always take the magazine they pay for.

All vendors are required to sign a vendor contract, which includes a code of conduct, before they can begin selling The Big Issue. Vendors are provided with an identification badge and we encourage customers to buy their copy of the magazine from vendors with proper identification.