Monday's Muse by Prue Gleeson

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As I start another week (it is immediately busy and I need to be responsive) I feel grateful for the work I do and the people at WCS that support this. It makes a difference to our capacity to respond to those in our programs. There are lots of calls this morning.

The CEO is visiting the building and we have a relaxed conversation about the weekend and about setting up meetings for the week as we start the day and walk through the doors together. I have another conversation with a colleague essentially about integrity and the hope for positive relationships in the sector that will ultimately have positive outcomes for participants. I feel hope and more gratitude.

I talk with clinical managers and key workers who have offered great support to people over the weekend. Therapeutic conversations, practical support and enjoyable social outings.

WCS is a part of a wide service community in Canberra. Its focus is on service and I think this is so much a part of the positive nature of the work and our task of keeping the fundamental values of hope, responsiveness, integrity and community so active and present in our days.

I wish I could do more today but there are limits. Mine and others.  I let it go and trust the community and networks that we are part of and focus on the next thing.

Prue Gleeson
Manager of Mental Health Transitions and Transition to Recovery
Monday, 6 June 2016