Congratulations to all our Excellence Award recipients

IMG 4556Yesterday, 22 February we recognised the outstanding work of our volunteers and staff with the Excellence Award (last quarter 2017) at the All Staff Meeting that was held at the Woden Youth Centre. Chris Redmond, our CEO gave away the certificates and thanked each of the following recipients:

Excellence Award for Volunteer – Zoe Connell  

Over the summer holidays, a time-sensitive and intensive response was required for a single mother who needed help cleaning out her storage unit. Because it was over the Christmas and New Year period, it was difficult to find people to assist.

Zoe put up her hand to assist the family to sort and clear out the storage unit. She assisted them with disposing of the items, and her friendly and approachable nature combined with her calm approach was the perfect mix for this situation.

She demonstrated all the values of WCS and helped out a single mother who was struggling. Great job Zoe!

Excellence Award for Children Youth & Family – Shannon Wood

Shannon has continually been able to provide exceptional service and support to both the service users she communicates with and with colleagues. Over the last quarter she has been on a mission to have the Little Pantry self-funded. 

She has approached clubs in the region and was able to get substantial donations from them. She also approached Westfield Woden who has provided WCS with a stall to receive donations from the general public and we will now be able to do this every month.

Thanks to Shannon, we will be able to continue running the Little Pantry which is an unfunded program to the community. She continually demonstrates all the values of WCS, and this can be seen by the contribution she makes to the community and how she conducts herself at work.

IMG 4555Excellence Award for Service Access and Housing – Lauren Bradley

Lauren has consistently displayed a focused, self-driven and motivated approach to her work. She works at a high level independently and mostly unassisted. She is driving groundbreaking, innovative work that is complementing, and at times leading, the direction of both government and community agencies.

She always comes to work with a positive, work-ready attitude which is highly valued and respected. She is always ready to lend a hand, provide ideas and suggestions to improve services and is a leader within the Service Access and Housing stream. She has consistently displayed all of WCS’ values.

Excellence Award for Mental Health and Wellbeing – Louise Kearins

Louise has been with the organisation for a substantial amount of time, and during that time she has built up her skills to become an extraordinary practitioner in her field. She has an ability to work closely with the participant to unravel problems and to find appropriate recovery paths to move forward. Some of the work she has done with her participants was recently presented at a National Conference on Mental Health and the NDIS.

She is an integral part of the Mental Health and NDIS team, contributing her knowledge and practice to not only her own participants but to other team members, particularly to the Support Coordinators.

Hope is always at the centre of all of her interactions with participants. She works with integrity to help navigate the NDIS system for people, and her willingness and responsiveness to some of the most difficult NDIS plans to implement, is to be commended.

IMG 4560Excellence Award for Children’s Services – Rhiannen

Rhiannen has done a wonderful job over the last quarter in her new position as Room Leader. She has implemented a huge number of improvements to Lollipop Early Learning Centre where she works and done so with great enthusiasm and a smile on her face.

She has really stepped up into the position to lead the team in a room that is very challenging. Significant improvements have already been seen in a short time she has been in the role. She demonstrates all the values in her day-to-day work but in particular, she has demonstrated the value of responsiveness.

Excellence Award for Social Inclusion – Ron Jackson and Anthony Makai

This award goes to both Ron and Anthony who have demonstrated the values strongly in this past quarter. They have worked both individually and together to continue to provide support to a participant who has presented with a high number of complexities.

They have provided stability and support in a turbulent service environment and are committed to continuing to pursuing new opportunities for engagement and to assist the participant towards her preferred future.

Ron and Anthony have displayed all the values, but in particular, they have demonstrated the values of hope and responsiveness. They have provided high-quality service to a participant who has had several changes in her services which have made this all the more challenging.

They have had to communicate both internally with other areas and with external stakeholders, sometimes responding to hundreds of calls per month, to ensure that services are being provided to the participant.

IMG 4562Excellence Award for Corporate Support – Dayne Matatia

Dayne joined the Corporate Support team about five months ago in a newly created position of Facilities Coordinator and in the short time that he has been with us, he has already made a significant impact.  

Nothing is ever too much trouble for him and he responds immediately to requests for advice or assistance. He ensures that the services provided to WCS from service providers are the best they can be and are the most cost-effective. 

He is able to think quickly on his feet and initiate solutions if an issue cannot be resolved immediately. For example, the main air conditioner in Lollipop broke down, and he was able to source a portable air conditioner.  On this particular day, he demonstrated the value of hope as it was a particularly hot day, reaching above 30 degrees. No matter what the issue is, this person responds to requests in a calm and confident matter.

Team Award – Mel Thompson & Zoe Ryan from The Way Back Support Service

The team award went to Mel and Zoe from The Way Back Support Service who consistently deliver high-quality service to the participants of their program. 

Both of them are highly skilled and knowledgeable and ensure that their participants’ integrity remains intact at all times. They respect each individual and approach each case with the respect and sensitivity it deserves.

Together with their Manager, Prue Gleeson they have developed a service that is highly respected and valued across the ACT Health system and in recognition of this, additional funding was recently awarded to us to employ an additional Support Coordinator.

The work this team undertakes each day is highly challenging and confronting, and despite this, they continue to uphold all the values of WCS on a daily basis.