A New Path to getting back on track…

New Path is a new service offering from WCS, after successfully tendering for the National Psychosocial Support Measure for the ACT. The funding has been commissioned by the Capital Health Network as part of the Federal Government’s national reforms to mental health services. New Path Banner

New Path is a mental health recovery program supporting people whose ability to manage daily activities and to live independently in the community has been seriously affected by mental health issues.

We support people typically aged 18 to 35, and up to 64, towards greater self-reliance, independence and participation.

We are an early intervention service, which means that we work with people to tackle severe mental health challenges before they become a longer-term problem.

Some of the things a New Path Recovery Worker can support you with include:

• managing your symptoms of mental ill-health
• getting your relationships back on track
• addressing drug, alcohol or smoking issues
• becoming involved in a social or community activity that you want to do
• engaging with education, employment or volunteering
• building life skills including confidence and resilience

Who can access New Path?

• people living, working or studying in the ACT
• people not eligible for the NDIS or for whom the NDIS is not the most appropriate pathway


To make a referral, visit https://www.wcs.org.au/services/mental-health/new-path or

call 02 6282 2644