Transition to Recovery

The Transition to Recovery program (TRec) is an intensive community outreach mental health program that aims to assist people to transition to the community following an acute episode of mental illness and to prevent relapse.

The program works with people to maximise their potential for recovery and independence following discharge from hospital or who require additional support in the community to manage sub-acute symptoms to prevent hospitalisation.

People are eligible and can voluntarily access the program if they:

  • Live in the area currently serviced by Mental Health Justice Health and Alcohol & Drug Service
  • Have an existing functional limitation due to a mental health issue
  • Are clinically managed by Community Mental Health Teams
  • Are aged between 18 – 64 years and have no significant age related issues
  • Would benefit from additional clinical management and psychosocial support in a community setting.

The program runs for 12 weeks offering intensive outreach support, including evenings and weekends.

Referrals to the program are made by a Clinical Manager in one of ACT Health's Mental Health Teams:

  • City, Belconnen, Tuggeranong or Woden Mental Health Teams
  • Early Intervention Team
  • Adult Mental Health Unit
  • Calvary 2N
  • Forensic Mental Health Unit

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If you are currently in the Adult Mental Health Unit at Canberra Hospital or 2N at Calvary Hospital, TRec may be able to assist you. Alternatively if you have a Clinical Manager and are at home but feel you need additional support to prevent hospitalisation we are also able to assist you through the program.

The program can:

Provide outreach for up to seven days a week in your community. This will include visits and access to phone support until 9.00pm

Link you with services and provide social support and assistance to attend medical appointments and community based programs

Talk through any concerns you may have about managing mental health symptoms and your day to day living needs

Provide psychosocial education to support you to manage mental health symptoms so that you can do the things you enjoy

If you have a Clinical Manager and are at home but feel you need additional support to prevent a hospital admission, we can provide all of the above.

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Carers are often the first people to recognise early warning signs of a mental health episode of those close to them. TRec works best when a person recognises and seeks assistance as early as possible.

If you are concerned about a family member please talk to TRec about options for early intervention.

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For more information contact Prue on (02) 6221 9511 or email 

This Program is an ACT Government funded initiative.