WCS is committed to working with you to meet your needs through providing information, services and support that recognise and build on your current knowledge, skills and resources. 

WCS responsibilities

What you can expect from WCS – we will: 

  • treat you in a non-judgmental manner with dignity and respect 
  • provide flexible, responsive and efficient services that are based on your needs 
  • provide you with up to date information on other supports and services available within the community 
  • deliver services safely and minimise risks around spread of infectious disease, in line with public health requirements: this includes using infection control practices and vaccination for staff, where appropriate
  • protect the confidentiality of your personal information, only sharing information with your consent – and you can withdraw consent at any time (see our Privacy Policy for more information) 
  • give you access to your personal information on request 
  • actively involve you in decision making and planning processes regarding services you may need or receive 
  • provide access to WCS policies and procedures, on request 
  • encourage you to provide feedback – negative or positive – on the services you access and treat you fairly, promptly and without reprisal for doing so.  

While working with WCS, you can involve a carer, family member, friend or advocate if you wish.
See also Support Persons Rights and Responsibilities.

Your responsibilities

WCS expects that you will: 

  • treat WCS staff with dignity and respect 
  • provide WCS with all the information necessary to arrange services that are responsive and suitable to your needs 
  • provide WCS with up to date contact information 
  • inform WCS of any infectious disease risk, including symptoms, exposure or positive test
  • honour any commitments entered into as part of a service arrangement 
  • voice any complaints or concerns as they arise so we can deal with the matter (see our Providing Feedback & Making Complaints notice for more information) 
  • respond to our attempts to contact you and play your part in assisting WCS to provide services.