We offer a range of supports to people living with a mental health issue. The focus of these programs is to promote wellbeing, hope, strength and recovery – as well as a sense of community and belonging. These are set out in the Stepped Model of Care.

CPSP is a mental health recovery program supporting people whose ability to manage daily activities and live independently in the community has been seriously a

Transition To Recovery (TRec)

TRec is an intensive outreach program to assist people to transition to the community following an acute episode of mental illness and to prevent relapse.

The Way Back Support Service

The Way Back Support Service supports people following a suicide attempt so they can take action to stay safe.

Southside Community Step Up and Step Down (SC SUSC)

SC SUSD is a short-term community managed mental health service providing 2-weeks of residential and then 4-weeks of community outreach support.

NDIS Services

WCS provides coordination, one-on-one support & group activities under NDIS packages, including for people with a severe and persistent psychosocial disability.

Hoarding and Advocacy Support Service

The Hoarding and Advocacy Support Service provides support to people experiencing the impact of hoarding behaviours and insanitary property conditions.