From 1 July 2021, the Next Step Low-Intensity program is no longer provided by Woden Community Service. The responsibility for its delivery now rests with CatholicCare, which currently deliver the Next Step High-Intensity program. Mental Health Intake Services which were provided by the Capital Health Network has also transitioned to CatholicCare.

How do these changes impact you?

New Next Step referral forms have been introduced, with further information posted on the CatholicCare website.

The Next Step program contact details are now as follows:

Phone: 02 6162 6111


Other Transition Arrangements:

Transition arrangements were in place between 15-30 June 2021 to ensure that any calls or emails made to the existing CHN phone number or email address are managed accordingly. Pre-recorded messages, automated email responses and auto-redirect functionality have been introduced during the transition (some of these measures may continue into the financial year).

If you have any questions in relation to the new intake process, please contact   CatholicCare using the contact details above.