Meet Sean, The Big Issue vendor that was profiled in Canberra Weekly in celebration of The Big Issue Vendor Week.

The Big Issue is part of a global community of more than 110 street publications across 35 countries, all part of the International Network of Street Papers.

In the last week of January, The Big Issue magazine marked the annual vendor week, highlighting vendors across Australia who are working every day to change their lives positively.

In 2019 after Sean’s third time experiencing homelessness, he became a vendor for The Big Issue in Canberra and found a home.

From sleeping in a swag behind the Woden Hospital, Sean walked to his new public housing apartment in Monash, in the rain with all his possessions… Like so many vendors, Sean says The Big Issue has changed his life.

To read Sean’s story you can see the coverage in Canberra Weekly here:

To find out more about The Big Issue please contact WCS’s Kate Dawson, The Big Issue Vendor Support Coordinator at or on 0448 476 184.